Cinematic Cocaine Production

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When you look at the world, it is very easy to see what is not being done for you. When your needs are not met, when your interests are not being served, there is a tendency to complain. If the one entrusted to serve, protect and guide you promotes your own interest above yours, you learn to do for yourself. It matters not what experience you lack. Your interests will guide you. Give no concern to what they say you cannot do. Be willing to accept the challenge. Do not be afraid to question the process. New systems are born from the questioning of the old. Take time to retreat to that quiet place within the pit of your soul and unleash your right to decide what is best for you.

I am the source of my own governance.

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Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life?
― Matty Healy (via guy)

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Confidence is part of creativity that often gets ignored. Yet it’s confidence that allows creative exploration and insights to occur in the first place.

An artist who sits down to paint but is thoroughly convinced that she “isn’t really a painter” is already heading down a path where…

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